How-to Instructions

To date, many films have been counter-narrated, but not all. Quite a few Navajo/Diné community films have been counter-narrated as well as two Apache/Inde films and an Akimel O'odham/Pima. We are currently searching for community managers and narrators for all other films. In order to quickly find which films have been renarrated, we suggest the following steps.

If you have clicked first on a tribe's community page from the front page under Browse by Community, for instance "Akimel O'odham/Pima Community & Tohono O'odham/Papago Community," you see something like the following. If a Native contributor has already counter-narrated a particular film, it will note as one of its categories "Completed Alternate Audio Narration."

Community page search


If you chose instead to click on "Browse Digital Heritage" from the front page, you will see the following. In this scenario, click on "Completed Alternate Audio Narration" under Category and you will only see those that have completed counter-narrations.


Browse Digi Heritage search


Regardless of whether a film has been counter-narrated yet or not, you will still see the following instructions on how to sync the audio player and video player on every digital heritage page because it is built into the template.

Playback instructions/Audio file thumbnail