B-Roll and Outtakes

This category is for those film or video materials that a camera person shot, but may or may not have used in the final production.

B-Roll: "In video production, B-roll footage is the secondary video footage shot outside of the primary (or A-roll) footage. It is often spliced together with the main footage to bolster the story, create dramatic tension, or further illustrate a point." [masterclass.com]

Outtakes: "A take that is not used in an edited version of a film or videotape." [Merriam-Webster Dictionary]

Navajo/Diné Community
B-Roll and Outtakes, Completed Alternate Audio Narration, Sponsored and Educational Films
About a young Navajo/Diné boy, Son of the Hunter, who must grapple with death, abondonment by his father, his family's limited resources, and being forcibly moved to an indian boarding school.